Business-to-business E-commerce website is build to improve at present business process by adding automated processes between trading for e.g. Its improve the communication between vendor and final product manufacturer but at the same time it could serve a good tool between manufacturer and distributors it improve level of communication, real time reporting and at end improve supply chain. B2b Ecommerce Website development could become an edge between you and your competitors.

B2b Ecommerce Website Development

Vertical B2b Ecommerce Website

Vertical B2b E-commerce Website designed specifically to meet the needs of a specific industry. These E-commerce websites normally contain community features like industry news, articles, and discussion groups.

These B2b E-commerce Website create community hubs which concentrate on goods with low or high value. The transaction cost is relatively higher. These hubs provide value by increasing the efficiency in the procurement process. These hubs use third party logistics supplier to deliver goods, thus enabling them to disinter mediate or B2b E-commerce Website bypass existing middlemen in the channel

These web hubs are industry specific normally brings many suppliers together at one easy-to-use website. These hubs automate the sourcing of non-commodity manufacturing inputs and create value by reducing transaction costs

Horizontal b2b E-commerce website

Unlike Vertical B2b E-commerce Website , which mostly serve as a hub of commodity based business community and main aim is to build interaction between community for the business generation. Where as Horizontal B2b E-commerce Website base website build to serve a many commodities.

Horizontals B2b E-commerce Website provides products, goods, materials, or services that are not only specific to a particular industry or company. But these kind of website that retailers could use might provide travel, transportation services, office equipment, or maintenance and operating supplies.

Horizontals can connect the buyers and sellers together directly or act as intermediaries who facilitate the transactions. There isn’t one ubiquitous model for B2B electronic commerce. B2b E-commerce Website vary from those providing simple lead generation, to complex market places serving a variety of buyers and sellers, to private extranets.

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