Over the period of time websites, Auction Development like eBay and yahoo online Auction Development website has proven its highly successful E-commerce model. It’s proven to be an effective tool for creating a highly dynamic market where buyers & seller can come cross and both can be benefited by the amount of seller as well as competition among sellers. The best part online auction website Auction Development it’s beneficial for all. The online auction store owner has been benefited by traction made between buyer and seller, seller been have an advantage of low setup cost of there store in the end customers have an advantage

Online Solution For Auction Website Development

Under one umbrella allowing a large number of customers to manage their bids and sellers to bulk load there products to create a successful online Auction Development website is not an easy task and online auction development companies have sprung up to shoulder the burden of planning, building and maintaining online Auction Development sites. You can certainly save thousands of dollars by using an “out of the box” professionally build online auction software solution based package. We provide a professional software base auction website Auction Development that can do wonders for you at just right price.

Features of the online Auction software solution

  • Custom Listing Fields Tailor Auction site to your specific marketing, add specific custom fields to selected categories.
  • Vouchers Offer incentives to new and existing users with our new voucher system. Choose to offer reductions as a percentage or a flat rate.
  • Stores Enable auction users to open their very own store on admin auction site. Each store owner can pick and choose their own categories from the main selection. Website Auction Development owner can also set up store special subscription packages to attract quality Business customers.
  • Wanted Ads, We use auction software package to include wanted ads Auction Development. Enable auction users to post adverts for items they want!
  • Windows Bulk Lister Auction Development official bulk listen enables the website owner to list items on auction site from windows without having to visit your site.
  • Custom Listing Fields Ideal for specialist sites you can now quickly and easily add new custom fields for sellers to use when listing
  • Full Admin Area Gives auction admin control over the website. Administrator cans lookup a user, check live auctions. Add news pages; edit the Auction Development fees and much more admin control panel offers.
  • SSL Support: If you have an SSL certificate installed you can integrate to work alongside it.
  • Multiple Payment Modules: Accept payments from users via PayPal, 2 Checkout, World Pay, Nochex, Ikobo or Protx. You can also accept more than one payment method if you have accounts with more than one of this merchant.
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