Reasons behind the Introduction of Hummingbird Update

The first question comes in a human mind that what is Google Hummingbird update?

Unlike the updates of Panda and Penguin that was introduced as add-ons to the existing algorithm of Google, Hummingbird is a complete overhaul of the algorithm’s core. Moreover, Hummingbird also signalled a commitment to Google with an increased understanding of the searcher’s query intent abreast with the matching goal to the quality-oriented relevant results. However, it is also true that the algorithm updates like that of the Panda and Penguin have sparked a significant reporting to the rankings and lost traffic as well. The Hummingbird Update didn’t seem to comprise the adverse and negative impacts especially when it comes to the general web. The purpose behind introducing the Hummingbird Update was to deliver the accurate and quick answer about each respective query.

Hummingbird’s Hallmarks

The important purpose of the hallmarks of Hummingbird was to translate the concept’s search into reality. These ought to be the better approximation for the true intent of the searches.

Hummingbird update and voice search

The Hummingbird update can be also seen as a step ahead towards the path of Google that depends on the voice searches of Google. However, voice searches emergence often obliges Google to occupied and to comprehend all the languages as spoken by the word searches. Thus, Hummingbird Update was designed to effectively operate the natural languages.

Most of the times, the small-scale business owners might have suffered from some issues that decrease the visibility of searches. This is because most of the websites have suffered from negative impacts with a dropping of traffic and rankings. So, Hummingbird tied to all such issues collectively and enhances the performance of a website and its SEO.

The best beneficiary of Hummingbird Update is that it signalled all forms of the business as well as website owners beholding the understanding of all the intent users looking forward to the queries and concerns in the context of the high-researched keywords. In addition to this, the most practical application for such an update is that it always assure the natural language that gets reflected on the site of content. This may also be seen as building up the gaps amid the older SEO practices as well as modern SEO practices.


Henceforth, all those websites that publish and identify the searches on the most popular queries can choose such an update as a relevant source for some specific or particular topics. On the contrary, when content is also seen as the matching searcher intent, there is a complete chance to rank a website locally and organically.

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