Choosing best page names for your Website

SEO Page Names For Your Website

How should you select web site page names to attain greatest likely visitor's experience and SEO Company ranking?

First of all you should understand the difference between static and dynamic URLs.

Static Pages

To know about static page naming should be very clear way then we have to consider examples URLs: "example.htm" or "example.html" and "example.php".

For example: of a static page name comprises of name and extension. Page name extension points technology (".html" and ".htm" is the extension of HTML technology) or a programming language ("php" is the extension of PHP which uses sever side scripting.) used.
Many believe that pages having extension other than "htm" or "html" is worth more than those with server side scripting language pointers.

If you will search for "search engine optimization" in Google and you will get first 20 websites in listed first to 2 pages and when you will look at domain names of first 20 web sites, you will observe that URLs with many extensions are present. This shows that search engines don't actually care about extension as long as the page represents useful information for the visitor.

Dynamic Pages

Dynamic website page names are utilized to propel variables to a script file in order to perform an assignment which usually makes dynamic results. Dynamic URLs always hold question mark that separates file name from sent variables. Example name "do.php?a=1&b=2" would pass variable a=2 and b=2 to "do.php" script file that generates some response.
This type of technology is very helpful for web designers but it down makes in search engine listings. Search engines prefer static URLs which are less liable to change over time.

Friendly URLs

Friendly URLs are static page names having no extension. Friendly page names are very useful to the user because this names very simple and easy to remember for example shop, help, and contact means general uses words. Page name extension which signifies to scripting technology utilized in the page. The benefits of extension-less pages is that it guards page names from becoming outdated if dissimilar web technology is going to be used to generate / present them in the future. This type of names is performed only using URL rewriting technology.

URL rewriting

URL Rewrite engine is an extraordinary service on the server which changes URLs before they are read by scripting language. It is utilized to convert dynamic page names to static ones:
Dynamic page:
Can be changed to static page:
Or simply

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