Google Dance - What is the Google Danc Search Engine Positioning

New rankings during the Google dance

Google uses two more searchable servers different from And they are and SEO Company . Generally the results on all three servers shows similar ranking, but during the dance, they are different.

Creating a totally new index once per month can cause fairly some dilemma to the site or page. After all, Google has to spider some billion documents then to process many TeraBytes of data. Hence, counting the new index (SEO ) is unexpected. Obviously, the folks at Google don't need the test domains themselves. Most definitely, they have many options to check a new index within their own review, but they do not have a lot of time to conduct the tests.

After the completion of the each dance the ranking can been seen on www2 and www3 are new ranking (SEO Company) that has been gained by dance. This new ranking will be transferred to www on completion of each dance. Although the calculations SEO Services are performed about 40 times, the absolute rankings can be seen from very near the beginning. The reason behind this is, through the first little iteration, the calculated statistics combine to being close to their last statistics. You can view this with the PageRank Calculator (SEO ) by checking the Data box (top left) and performing some calculations. After every first small dance the search results on www2 and www3 may still change, but only somewhat.

At the time of the dance, the results from www2 and www3 (SEO Company) will every so often show on the www server, but only in brief. But new results on www2 and www3 can vanish for small periods. Finally of the every dance, the results on www will match those on www2 and www3.

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