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The most common problem nowadays results from sites are having a lot of pages with similar content. There is lot of causes behind
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) such sites exists and not all are efforts at spam indexing. So it is recommended that you should include discussion group. Many website owners or discussion groups create a separate seo page for every single click, by taking subject line for each page title. Therefore suppose a discussion thread put on for a hundred posts, the there will be a hundred pages be shown having similar titles, each enclosing an information. These entire hundred of those stitch pages will come up when ever you search on the search engines, putting out other sites which might have a lot more information. The discussion group posts aren't valuable, but you don't require an individual link to every existing link. What would actually be helpful is a single seo link to the home page of the discussion group; therefore you could go and check out the whole thread in its proper context.

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The difficulty of pages while illustrating up out of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) context is a multi-faceted one. The home page of a site is no more probably to come up in search results than is a minor page ten level down. Many times a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) escorts you to a page which is may be a part of a bigger site, but it's you will able know what site it is, or how to get to the rest of it. The small site design creates this problem a lot inferior. Good designers usually employ a uniform navbar all over a site, thus if somebody possibilities upon any page, it will be clear what site they're on, and they'll be capable to click right to the home page. But, to put it gently, not all designers pursue this best rule.

Though more problems happens from the fact that a word or phrase frequently refers to two or more distinct topics. Suppose you have to written "classic" to search music online, the how does a search engine recognize whether you're interested in classic music, the sports team called the "classic ", or the children's TV show "classic's Clues"? Or perhaps you "have the blues" and desire to notice a shrink? Unfortunately, today’s search algorithms have no means of dealing with this, thus any time which you search for a phrase which have more than one meaning, a large portion of the results will be totally unrelated.

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Obviously, the Internet is well organized as a civilized small-town library. It's not organized at all! It is also true that there is no other medium which is as disordered as the Internet. Books sound recordings and the entire media are organized on the basis of standardized systems of arrangement. But the Internet has none standard

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