Why does SEO take so long to get listed?

Why does SEO take so long to get listed?

When you are writing for the home page at DMOZ states “57,249 editors”, but this is deceptive. They don’t really have that large number of editors, or not in near number that many. This is the number of the total number of editors SEO Company that they have had since the project begun, while most of editors are no longer usable. Of the ones that are still editors, a considerable proportion of them are not really lively or are only somewhat active. So the number of editors who are vigorously reviewing and adding websites is comparatively small.
In the other hand of the equation, there is an enormous backlog of sites behind you to be evaluated. Each editor can only able to edit in their own categories, no editor can edit other directories. Some editors seo services SEO Company have very small categories with very little compliance to deal with, and they can be dealt with very quickly. Others are simply besieged by the mountain of UN reviewed sites, and there is little chance of getting through them in the coming future.

The vast backlog, and the quite low number of active SEO Company editors, is the reason to wait for long time to get listed. But there are many other factors also such as many times, the wait is the mistake of the person who submitted the website. Suppose someone seo company submits a site to a group that is reasonably seo close to what the site is concerning, but the site actually belongs in a dissimilar group. Guess what will happen? The submission is waiting in the revised queue of the group to that where it was submitted. There is not fixed time when it will revised but shortly its turn comes and the editor revised it, but identifies that it belongs in a seo different group. The editor never edits the other group, so the submission is passed along to the different group, where it is added to the un reviewed queue. It doesn’t skip the queue as it has already waited in a different queue. Finally its turn will come again and it will be revised – again.

So, at the time of submitting a SEO site, at all times take time to select the right category for it. Don’t loose your passion while submit it to a category that is higher up the tree than it belongs, because it won’t be accepted there and, doing so, could cause gratuitous, self-induced waits.

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