How to spot the scam

At last Google SEO Company brought the solution of it. When you search any thing in Google, at the bottom of result page there is a link to “Language Tools”. Click it. In the top of the page is a box in which you submit the URL of a page to be translated. After submitting your URL there, leave the setting at French to English and click “Translate”. There will be no French words in your page, so it will all come back in English. If the web hosting organization (SEO Company) has modified anything in your existing page, you will view the changes in the translated page.
The question arises that how Google does this SEO Company . At same time when the web server serves one page to client, and same time a different page to search engine spiders, it is called cloaking. The scam is also explained as it serves different pages to Google search engines than those that are served to client. Search engines get the added links, but client don’t. This is called cloaking. Cloaking seems at the IP address of the users prior to decide which page to send to the user. If it is the IP of a search engines spider, the page with the added inks is returned. We can’t parody a Google spider’s IP address, but Google’s SEO Company ) conversion tool uses a Google spider’s IP address, because it is a Google spider. That’s how you can see any alterations that have been made to your pages by your website hosting service.

Regrettably, the original forum thread about (SEO ) that scam was lost in a technical glitch, but the thread linked to at the top of this piece shows what the cloaked pages looked like, and some links to ‘saves’ of the original thread pages are posted at the end of the thread.

Hacking Problems

A case newly emerged in the SearchEngineWatch (SEO ) forum where websites had been hacked, when pages are changed when search engine spiders request that pages. Those particular changes were to promote porn sites. The hacking can be easily spotted by FTP because sub-folders and files are submitted to the sites, so it isn’t imperceptible as in the preceding case.

Google client verified it out, and accomplished SEO Company that it wasn’t the hosts’ work that were to blame, but the probability is that cPanel usernames and passwords had been hacked so that the newly submitted sub-folders and files could be located in the sites. The hack caused one of the sites to be penalized by Google, but it is likely to be re-included now that the cause has been exposed.

This type of hack is bound to be on the increase, and should be observed SEO Company out for. It is easily marked by FTP, due to the extra sub-folders, but it is better to avoid it in the first place by using totally incomprehensible passwords

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