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The companies who have already in the internet marketing, they believed that the SEO Company are boss of internet marketing. You might have no websites but you have browsed internet for searching any topics or websites. What you do just you inter related keywords what ever comes in your mind then
SEO Company searches the keywords by the matching the keywords from the directories you popup all the matched topics with websites URL. It won't be wrong if I'll say these are the integral part of our business. Whether you have tried to find out about the search engine evolution. How these SEO Company have linked the globe in a single thread. I was excited to the core to know about these engines which are the bread and butter to a large chunk of professionals. Its time to sit back and calm down as this article will take you to down memory track to the first SEO Company to today's major engines. Take this 'odyssey of search' and know the ancestors of your big boss.


The first search came into existence in the early of 1990, which was called Archie. It is derived from word archive but with a missing 'v'. This first search tool allowed directory listing of files located on FTP sites. It created a searchable database of filenames. Archie was pursued by Gopher, a specialized text file search tool. It incorporated different search programs like Veronica and Jughead. These all were just search tools not proper SEO Company . The first web came in existing search engine in 1993, which was called Wandex. In 1993 another SEO Company also came into existence which is called Aliweb, this is still there today. Then WebCrawler came, the first full text crawler based search engine, which started searching through words in WebPages. After this started the era of mushrooming of search engines, which included Excite, Inktomi, Infoseek, Northern Light, and AltaVista. Many of these SEO Company compete with then popular directory like Yahoo!


Yahoo was first started service as a directory for students to categorize there favorite websites. In 1994 yahoo came to existence and after that it became a major search engine. As per the survival of the fittest law, in 2002 Yahoo! acquired Inktomi followed by All the Web and AltaVista in 2003. Though Yahoo had its own search engine but initially it used Google to provide results. In 2004, Yahoo became a full fledge search engine with its own database and transformed from a directory to a search engine.


Google is known as the boss of SEO which have not taken long time to become famous. Google SEO Company came into existence in 2001, which changed the whole process and concept of search engines. Every came with new algorithm to catch market response, so Google brought the concept of link popularity and page rank. Google provided a simple concept of word search through its crawlers or spiders. Now it enjoys the unbeatable database of search terms. Today, half the world relies on Google for their search. From cradle to grave, Google search can now provide you every single detail.


The most recent addition to SEO is MSN search powered by Microsoft. Microsoft started MSN beta search in 2004 power driven by its own crawlers called msnbot. Recently Microsoft started a new search platform - Windows Live Search, which is fully specialized for word searches.


The most modern fashion in SEO Company is the convergence of these engines. Yahoo and Google has get underway there new search page called Gahoo Yoogle (it's easy to remember toggle the Y and G of Yahoo and Google and you can get the new search engine. This joint venture separates your search page into two screens where one part shows the Google search result and the other shows Yahoo search results. It's quite interesting to see two giants together sharing one screen. But, indubitably Google still rules the whole search engine market and it's really difficult for other SEO to spread their wings as major parts are covered by Google.
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