Medhod of redirecting by seo company

How is auto-redirecting done?

There are a many ways of redirecting. I am mentioning the two main ways:

The Meta Next Tag
<meta http-equiv="next" content="5;url=">

This tag, generally should be placed in the BOTTOM section of the redirecting page by , tells the browser to divert the next page by loading the stated URL. The "5" asks the browser to perform it 5 seconds later than loading.

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No one opposed this method as long as the number of second’s holdup (SEO Company) is enough for the surfer to see the page and to be able to read some of it. A usual use is after posting a message in a forum where the poster is given an affirmation page that, after a few seconds, mechanically returns to the forum.

But some people oppose this technique when the wait is set to 0 (immediate) or a very less number of seconds. I have uncovered that there is nothing at all wrong with an immediate redirect. Search engines (SEO ) are happy to perform it, and people want to go to what the link text tells them is at the other end - without any delays. There are valid reasons to set the delay to 0. Setting it higher than 0 and delaying the surfer en-route, for the sake of making some silly people happy, is just stupid to stay performer.

JavaScript Redirect
<script language="javascript"><! --
where url is the full or relative URL of the page to redirect to.

Better still is the following script: -
<script language="javascript"><! --
location.replace ("url")

In the above box, the redirecting page is not hold in the browser's History SEO Company , and the Back button goes to the page prior to the redirecting page, thus evading that dreadful entrap where clicking the Back button () takes you back to a redirecting page, which instantly redirects you forward again to the page you want to leave.

If the script is placed in the HEAD section at the top of the page, the redirection occurs straight away (SEO Company); or else it may acquire a short time for the page to deliver before the browser even realizes that the script exists.

SEO If required, the script can be stored in an external file and loaded by the following line, where "filename.js" is the path and name of the external file:-
<script language="JavaScript" src="filename.js"></script>
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