Search Engine Optimzation scam by web hosting company for better SEO


Web hosting scam for SEO

Absolute scams by any website hosting (SEO ) organization are very rare, but they do subsist and should be observed out for. When the web hosting companies uses the server cut off all page requests for all sites of their entire website hosting customers. When a page is requested by a person, the normal page was returned, but when a page is requested by a major search engine spider (SEO Company), the web host's server scam modified the page that was returned, by vigorously attaching a set of links to it. This was case to all the web host's customers' sites, and without taking in concern of their knowledge or permission.

Almost every links added pointed to their own websites for search engines optimization to web host, but some pointed to non-existent sub-folders within the customer's site. When any search engines spider (SEO Company) searched a page within that non-exiting subfolders, a page created dynamically of links to the host’s own, and the host’s sites got even more links pointing to them. When people requested any of the non-existent pages, they were redirected to the site's home page, but for search engines (SEO Company), each hosting customer's site restricted sections that the customer didn't put there, and didn't know survived. They were virtual, vigorously created, sub-folders and pages, which were ever seen by search engine spiders only.

The reason of the scam was to submit large number of links, with targeted link text, to the website host's own sites; it is done to put the search engines rankings (SEO Company). But they don’t know the result and at last the customers lost out in ranking positions, due to the host was guiding PageRank (SEO ) out of the customer sites, which is affects them to lose a little ranking power.

We are efficient to get Google (SEO Company) to deal with the web host's site with no harming the guiltless customer sites, so that main theme goes in right way. But it is not an inaccessible case, and the leeway of a website hosting company scamming customers is something to be aware of. The problem arisen with this type of scam is that customers wouldn't able know how to spot it and there after to find solution.

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