The Anatomy of a Search Engine

A website owner or SEO professionals must know the difference among the filter and the penalty; you can now appreciate how search engines optimization difference content is:

  1. Websites with Identical Pages – These pages are measured duplicate, in addition to websites which are matching to another website’s content on the Internet are also measured to be spam. Affiliate websites that are having same look and feel that include matching content, as per example, are mainly vulnerable in eye of duplicate content filter. Some more examples would be a website with doorway pages. These doorways pages are distorted versions of landing pages. Though, these landing pages are matching to other landing search engines optimization pages. Usually, doorway pages are planned to be utilized to spam the search engines so as to influence search engines optimization results.
  2. Scraped Content – Some times scraped content is copying content from a website and making some difference to make it view different, but in spirit it is nothing more than the duplicate page. By means of the fame of blogs on the internet and the syndication of those blogs, scraping is turn into more of a difficulty for search engines.
  3. Product explanations – So many eCommerce websites out there use the manufacturer’s images for the products that are hundreds or thousands of other eCommerce stores in the similar spirited markets are utilizing too. This duplicate content, whereas harder to spot, is yet careful spam.
  4. Distribution of Articles – If you are publishing an article, and if it is copied and putted thought different directories on the Internet, this is good, right to? Not necessarily for all the sites that feature the same article. This kind of duplicate content are used to be tricky, since even though MSN and Yahoo find the website where it has been placed first as original article and consider it most pertinent in search results, additional search engines optimization such as Google may not, according to some professionals.