Better Living through XHTML

XHTML is the standard markup language which is used seo for web documents and is known as the successor to HTML 4. This is build in combination of HTML and XML, and this works on similar to HTML but is based on XML, which is the best markup language and within it brings lots of features of XML, as search engines optimization enumerated by the Online Style Guide of the Branch Libraries of The New York Public Library.
If you really desire seo to intend your site to work well in current available browsers and non–traditional devices, and not only today but also in the future then it you choose to develop your in site with the combination of XHTML.


If you haven’t already done so, read the Online Style Guide seo of the Branch Libraries of The New York Public Library before you read this article.
The Style Guide light up XHTML without necessitating you to jumble during the often hidden literature; compromises valuable information on CSS; explains how to work with the W3C validators; and offers updated tips for Dreamweaver users.


If want to write a valid seo XHTML pages, then it is very easiest way to do so and suggested to start writing them from scratch. However a lot web design seo is truly redesign and you’ll frequently find yourself exciting while updating old pages. Redesign assignments present the perfect chance to transfer to XHTML.
The free tool HTML Tidy can rapidly exchange your HTML to XHTML. Tidy was developed by the brilliant standards geek Dave Raggett and is now preserve as Open Source software through the community at Source Forge, although some versions are maintained by persons as a work of love.
There are online versions seo of Tidy as well as downloadable binaries for UNIX, Windows, various Linux distributions, Mac OS X, and other platforms. Each version provides various capabilities and thus compromises relatively various search engines optimization documentation.