SEO Company importance about Dmoz registration

Listing a website in DMOZ can be very frustrating. It is true that getting listed will perhaps help to improve Google ranking, but getting listed can consume a very long time.

DMOZ, also popular by the name “The Open Directory Project (ODP)”, is a large, categorized directory of websites and pages, which is employees by volunteers. The website and page that are submitted to the directory has to be manually evaluated before it is incorporated.

Generally not large number of people in fact uses DMOZ SEO Company for searches in the similar way that Yahoo is used, so the directory is not much valuable in generating traffic. One can download its data freely, and any website, can use it. One not so small website that downloads and uses DMOZ’s data is Google.

This has some major outcomes for websites that are listed in DMOZ. Page Ranking is an integral part of Google’s ranking SEO algorithm, and it is also true that higher PageRank helps to get high rankings. The PageRank inside a web site is improved by pages from other sites linking to it, and the higher the PageRank of the pages that link to it, the better it is for the receiving site.

A listing in DMOZ generates two important links for the website – one from DMOZ and one from the Google directory. Both pages generally have decent PageRank. After submitting links to the thousands of small sites SEO Company , which you have downloaded and used the DMOZ directory and you can see why it is generally quite helpful for a website to be listed in DMOZ. Simply being listed in DMOZ can take a website from a Toolbar PageRank value of 5 to 6 and even from 6 to 7.