Why Doorway pages by Seo company No good

Doorway Pages are simply web pages by SEO Company that have been generated exclusively for ranking purpose highly searched in the search results for one or two search terms, and are not generally an integral part of the website. Doorway pages didn’t exist, if search engines didn’t exit.

Some search engine SEO Company optimize criticize that doorway pages mess up the search results and diminish them for surfers. It used as a site could overlook the top results with doorway pages; yet that was a failing of the search engines. You may be possible to include for site to have 5 or more doorway pages in the top 10 results, and at times it was much worse. But when localized Alta vistas first appeared, some sites’ doorway pages would absorb the top 30, 50 and even more results

Alta vista freshed up their act and search engines , which don’t show more than two pages from the one site on the search results, SEO mainly for one given search term. As a result doorway pages from a one site would not able mess up. It can help to fill the top high rankings, certainly, but not surely all from the same site. Some people maintain that this is messing up and diminishing the results for surfers by cutting the relevancy of the results. The question arises that hoe does it make if a site’s doorway page or content page occupies a top ranking (SEO Company). The answer is obviously none. Only relevant page of the site is listed, and nothing else. It doesn’t diminish the results in any way.

For example: A hotels site provides online hotel reservations near about more than hundreds of cities across the world. They decide to endorse each location in the search engines and choose on basis of location and other the search term SEO Company like “<city> hotels”, where <city> is changed by each city in which they have a hotel; e.g. n hotels, Maurya hotels, Japan hotels, etc. If they select cities and states, and do it for several countries, there will thousands (SEO Company) of variations of the same search term. So they make a doorway page for each of the thousands of variations.

Let’s assume that each and every doorway page is winning, results it into the top 10 rankings for its search term Search Engines Optimization). So now the first page of search results for “new n hotels” contains the ‘new n hotels’ doorway page, and the first page of search results for the thousands of phrase variations also contain a new doorway page.

Let’s move more complex search say that another 7 hotels sites do the very same thing, and with equal success. Now we have al the top 10n ranking for each search term occupied by doorway pages one from each site.

Is this mess up the rankings? Has it diminished them by making them less pertinent? Obviously not. Each set of search >results contains links to very relevant sites. Click any one of the results and you’ll go to a site that offers exactly what you are looking for. You’re happy.