SEO Company tells what is google dance

The Index Update of the Google Search Engine:

Generally it has been noticed that Google revise their index in every month by recalculating the Pageranks SEO Company of each of the web pages that they have crawled either it is new pages or already indexed in the Google. This phase during the revise is recognized as the Google dance.

Due to the nature of PageRank (SEO), the calculations required to be executed near about 40 times and, as there are large number pages is listed in the index, it takes many days to complete the calculations. When Google recalculate SEO the pages, your search may vary, sometimes even minute-by minute. This variation occurs because of that the term, Google Dance, was coined. During an index update there was momentous movement in search results and Google displayed new backward links for pages. The Google dance generally takes place in every last third of each month.

During the revaluating the index, there arises no problem in the search request SEO Services , to avoid this Google (SEO ) uses two more servers, which can be utilized for searching. The search results on them also vary during the monthly update and they are part of the Google dance.

But if left these days of the month, variation often occur in the search results (SEO ), but they should not be confused with the actual dance. They are due to Google’s fresh crawl and to what is known “Everflux”.