Link Building

Every company doing website promotion is talking about link building and saying it’s very important. Question arrows what is link building and why it’s important for a website promotion.
Link building is creating a popularity of a website on the internet. Which can be practically measured by how many number website linked to your website. Link popularity is not only the quantity of web pages having link to a website but also about quality of these web pages and there content. Especially for search engine ranking Link Popularity is necessary because most of the search engine judge relevancy of the website by its link popularity of so to do well in the SEO Company you require good numbers of back link support. For building links it requires experience, motivation, and lot of communication. Types of Link Building Campaigns

Normally link building campaigns are run in order to achieve high rankings in search engines. It is very important this campaign carefully executed according search engines guide lines other wise it will not bring any good to website. We follow some rules like using right anchor text and create an actual description SEO of the theme of the website to create the links for the promoted website as result that the relevancy factor of the links is maintained and fruitful link building is done for the website

  • Effective Link Building Campaign Methodology
  • Link building campaign Compliment website theme content, target audience and goals
  • Created links based on services and products website is offering and links are placed themed specific industry related directories.
  • Created links should be well cached by search engines.
  • Are linking with your competition

Non reciprocal link building( One Way Link building)

The non reciprocal link building process where you are getting link without giving back any link from your website. It’s very effective if it done properly and the proof of it the mostly high ranking website’s are having maximum inbound or outbound one way links.

There are many roots from where we get these links some from open directories like dmoz, google etc. But maximum of these links been purchased from relevant high value websites for a specific time period

Reciprocal Link Building In reciprocal link building both the website exchange there links so that both website could share the benefits. Reciprocal link building is not as productive SEO Company as one way link building because here you sharing benefit of a link with other website but it can get you results with little more if done properly. Now a days it’s almost impossible to get one way links cost effectively

Reciprocal Link building process

  • Identifying targeted keyword combination and no. of back links required for each theme
  • Web Searching for good PR website industry relevant.
  • Creating custom email for sending link exchange requests and updating Link Exchange directory web pages.
  • Managing reciprocal Link requests.
  • Creating a dynamic but search engine friendly links directory
  • Re-requesting a Link Exchange request if require.