SEO Page Optimization

When it comes to page rank, most webmasters SEO Company would jumble whatever they can, to reach top position in search engine results. No wonder then that no site in their right mind would dream of wasting even a little bit of page rank! Using a dangling link can cause a minor reduction in the overall page rank of the site.

So let’s say your site has 10 pages in it. It can actually have a potential value of 10. But by having dangling link occurrences, you are reducing the value a great deal.

Even a small difference can have significant impact on the search engine results of your site. Why compromise on page rank just because of dangling link occurrences? Instead it is much better to stay away with such dangling SEO link occurrences and focus on enhancing the page rank to the best level possible.

The results shown in Example 1 (right diag.) are wrong because page B has no links going from it, and so the link from page A to page B is dangling and would be removed from the calculations. The results of the calculations would show all three pages SEO Company as having 0.15.

It may ensemble site functionality to link to pages (SEO Company) that have no links going from them without losing any PageRank from the other pages but it would be waste of budding PageRank. Take a look at this. The site’s potential is 5 because it has 5 pages, but without page E linked in, the site only has 4.15.

Link page A to page E and click Calculate. Notice that the site’s total has gone down very significantly. But, because the new link is dangling and would be removed from the calculations, we can ignore the new total and assume the previous 4.15 to be true. That’s the effect of functionally useful, dangling links (SEO services) in the site. There’s no overall PageRank loss.

Though, some of the site’s budding total is still being wasted, so link Page E back to Page A and click Calculate. Now we have the maximum PageRank that is possible with 5 pages. Nothing is being wasted.

Though it may be functionally SEO fine to link to pages within the site exclusive of those pages linking out again, it is bad for PageRank. It is pointless wasting PageRank needlessly, so always make sure that every page in the site links out to at least one other page in the site.