Search Engine Optimization Spamming

Generally has been believed by every one that spam is like junk mail. But search engines spam (SEO) is different from this. Search engine spamming is means of influencing search engine spiders to synthetically enhance a website’s page rank on search engine results pages. Which is not a good idea?

Different Search Engines Optimization has its own definition of what comprises search engine spam. So in quintessence, spam is anything Search engine geeks. But still there’s an evident, prevalent consensus among search engine experts as to what constitutes spam. In my article we providing clear guidelines for what they consider acceptable and unacceptable practices for search engines optimization. Three of the most common search engine spam approaches are

  • Hidden content
  • Doorway pages
  • Mirror sites.

Hidden content

Hidden content, sometimes also considered (SEO ) as search spam, is content that’s not visible to the users but comprehensible to search engine spiders. If you will drop a block of white passage on a white background then it is not visible to users but it can be easily readable by spiders.

Hidden content SEO Company is generally just a swing of keywords, differences on keywords and other information of interest to search engine spiders but not very helpful to humans. So, when you visit the site, you will able to you view white blank space. Spiders scan line after line of keywords which may well unnaturally boost the site’s page prank.

Another wile adopted by many SEO rookies is to cover content in the HTML code that ropes the site skin. It is other deceptive trick that will put your advanced site smashed faster than you can affirm ‘Welcome’

Doorway pages

Doorway pages or splatter screens full-sized advertisements. Search engines (SEO Company) have been detecting these types of pages for a long year but site owners and unknowing webmasters still employ this stratagem.

A doorway page or splatter screen is an unconnected page in front of the main site. This is done to get high response in search engine results pages and get you to click on the doorway page link. For example user’s shopping for surf boards on line. When you scroll down a few links and you wait what happed. When you click the link and you’re taken to a garbage page with lots of adverts, usually some hidden content and the simple direction.

Mirror sites

Mirror sites, at first glance, are not considered a deceitful tactic. A mirror site is a duplicate site which uses different keywords SEO Company and HTML descriptor tags. Suppose you are online seller who sells sporting goods. Your site may have keywords related football, the same site, perhaps with a different web host, with baseball-related keywords and another duplicate mirror site with nothing but keywords related to scuba diving. Seems like a reasonable (SEO ) approach to driving traffic with a variety of sports interests.

For this search engines takes a very weak view of duplicate content cluttering up their results pages because this would allow any site to have an infinite number of listings on search results pages, simply by changing keywords in site content and HTML tags. And that would most certainly diminish (SEO Company) the quality of results pages.