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Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)Development

In the business whoever adopted the (EAI) Development solutions in their early-days for take the advantages of competitive from their competitor. They generally adopted the software development solutions either the packaged product or specifically developed to meet their specific software development organization requirement in past, which are working well nowadays individually, but they generate information.

Generally, each system creates disused information that consecutively makes inconsistent data across venture. This consequence in numerous data entry points, data duplication, and data isolation (EAI) Development issues. This type of organizations is in requirement of the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) services to put together these systems.
In few issues, use point to point or middleware based integration for offering EAI services to the clients. This point to point integration is utilized when number of system to be integrated are two to three. And, if more then two systems is use to integrate by point to point due to burdensome and nonviable. Above all middleware provides generic interfaces with which all integrated applications pass messages to each other. Each interface describes a business (EAI) Development process given through an application.
WebDhoom’s Enterprise application integration service providing with the following major integration services:

Application Integration

Platform Integration

WebDhoom’s offers platform integration utilizing ingredient of web services, services oriented architectures (SOA's) Messaging, Remote Procedure Call (RPC), Object Request Broker (ORB), and Publish and Subscribe based communication integration.

Data Integration

We use to provide enterprise technology on the platforms like .NET and Java EE offers us with the platforms and tools to extract transform and manipulate data for our clients. In the context of XML, this also engages the greater task of metadata (EAI) Development management.

Application Integration

Our integration comprises integration at the level of the business logic, transaction management and application services utilizing (EAI) Development component architecture of SOAP/XML framework or EJB/Struts framework.

Application Integration

Our application integration services comprise building web services adapters or writing bespoke adapters on suitable Middleware. Adapter-based integration forms the backbone for this level. Rules and content routing & event-based transactions and transformations are primary enabler in this type integration

Process Integration

Process integrations involve the process and workflow modeling approach to integrate utilizing business process management (BPM) based approach.

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