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Random Text

Random Tex will show random text or a citation from the list. Text can comprise HTML code and will be showed moreover utilizing JavaScript or directly from your PHP page as it include.

Random text - PHP script info

Random Tex is a random text script. Random Tex will show a random quote or text block from a list of your choice. Text/quotes can include HTML code therefore you can make them interactive.
Random quotations can be displayed moreover utilizing JavaScript or utilized as a PHP include:
<script type="text/javascript" src="rantex.php"></script>
<?php include 'rantex.php'; ?>

Features of Random Text

- shows random text or quotes from the list of your select
- quotes can be hard-coded or listed in a separate file
- random text can be showed utilizing Javascript or as a PHP comprise
- supports alternating display settings on-the-fly
System Requirements

  • PHP 4.3 or higher

RanTex is free to utilize on any website, however it needs Web development India acknowledgment. In more explanation way: if you are utilizing this script you are Web development India needed to place a link to PHPJunkyard on your website.

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