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It is truly that World Wide Web design India has given such a fantastic medium that changes have to be made to make it accessible to all. These days most television programs have subtitles for unable to hear viewers, hospitals have other special facilities for the disabled person, building are made Web development Delhi accessible to wheelchair users, and also Web design India books are written so that blind people can listen to them. And similarly to all Web design India now the time has reached that we apply these same principles to the Internet website to get all the visitors of the site.

Accessibility - Who Cares?

Accessibility basically signifies giving Web development Delhi flexibility to contain each user's requirements and preferences. In the context of Internet, accessibility is making Web design India computer technology and Internet Web design India resources too much useful for large number of people. We require Internet accessibility since it increases a Website's potential viewers to the Web design Delhi unlimited who are needed to utilize options for browsing technologies. But still people, who do not have any definite physical or mental traits which influence computer use, it has been found which the Web development India acceptance of universal design standards can:

  • Lessen fatigue
  • Decrease errors
  • Boost speed
  • Decrease learning time for all users.

There are lot of methods, universal Web design Delhi design addresses the more problems of usability and let the things easier for everybody.

The World Wide Web Consortium's Web Accessibility Web development India published the Web Content Web design India Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 which is called WCAG in short as the name given by them. The WCAG have been used in large number of websites and can be utilized very Web design Delhi efficiently to develop an accessible Website.

Content Accessibility designated as high precedence things are:
  1. Give equivalent options to Web design India auditory and visual content
  2. you must not only fantasize on color alone
  3. make tables which Web design India transform elegantly
  4. write natural language
  5. Employ mark-up and style sheets correctly
  6. Make sure user control of time-sensitive content changes
  7. ensure direct accessibility of Web development India embedded user interfaces
  8. design for device independence
  9. utilize interim solutions
  10. give context Web design Delhi orientated information
  11. you make sure that pages characteristics new technologies transform elegantly
  12. utilize W3C technologies and guidelines
  13. give clear navigation mechanisms
  14. ensure that documents are clear and simple

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