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SDLC Methodology Steps

SDLC Methodology Steps The important stages to Software development life cycles are: 1. Planning– It has fact that every works to have better results needs a concept. Everything in which we see around us is a concept of someone or group of persons. Some of also who don’t begin with a concept and start with questions, “what do you want?” they ask thousands of people in a certain community or age group to know what they want and decide to create answer. But it all goes back to planning and conceptualizations. It is also important for developers to recognize that ... Read more

How to value a business

How to value a business Nowadays business are on the high pressure from every side. The pressure of business has fastened to deliver the advances in more efficient Software Development Development development business practice and technology. Businesses don’t have the free of time which they once had to run large projects and wait for the results to come out at the end. If they carried out this now, their business and their markets would have moved on and the results they were waiting for may no longer be meaningful or significant. Every Software Development Development business is rather simply searching for only one ... Read more

Advantages of unified modelling language

Advantages of unified modelling language The UML is a modeling language for specifying, visualizing, constructing, and documenting the artifacts of a system-intensive process. Inside a system-intensive process, Software Development a technique is applied as a procedure to derive or evolve a system. As a language, it is utilized for communication. That is, a means to detain skill about a subject and express skill regarding the subject for the idea of communication. As a modeling language it mainly focused on understanding a subject through the formulation of a model of the subject. The model embodies skill regarding the subject, and the suitable application of this knowledge comprises ... Read more

Administration and Security

Administration and Security Single Installation, Multiple Portals DotNetNuke gives support for multiple portals/websites with the help a single database. This permits the software to be installed on a web server and support multiple websites by a single hosting account that is perfect for administrators who give sub-hosting services to their membership, or for web development companies which want to support exclusive websites for each department. Host and Administrator Accounts – For users those supporting multiple sites, differentiating the Host from the Administrator is vital. Signing in as Host permits the user to manage settings related to website hosting and e-commerce, ... Read more