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Applying Lean Principles to ITIL Event Management Process

Applying Lean Principles to ITIL Event Management Process Configurations Management in itself is a supporting discipline not delivering any direct clients value. However if we revolve it around a bit and look at the Configurations Management methods as the deliverable? Being careful not to sub-optimize, we could ask ourselves who is the customer and end user of the Configurations Management process? And what is value to them? In a project the Software development group is the principal customer and user of the Configurations Management methods. There are yet many more stakeholders which promote the Configurations Management discipline, similar to project managers, product management ... Read more

Web Development CRM Tips & Hints

Web Development CRM Tips & Hints Customer Relation Management software helps to allure your exiting business skills to achieve outstanding success. In early days, Real estate brokers used to ride horse and other communication to perform meeting with the clients, as time became advance the need for high speed communication is needed to compete their competitors then they drive cars to get more meetings ultimately more sales. But what today allure this business is customer satisfaction with the help of customer Relation Management System and target to contact more customers to leap the property business. What are the aims of Customer Relation Management? Enhance customer ... Read more

Web Rich Internet Application

Web Rich Internet Application The main point of rich internet Technologies are all about the web. After the release of Ajax and DHTML, it really given too better experience could of web. It improved a lot and gives a real visualization of the web application. Web Rich Internet Applications might run outside of the browser on different Software development runtimes, other than they are still web applications. This can’t be taken offline, it required connections every time and they enable you to work from any computer. The best platforms for web Rich Internet Development are cross-platform just like the web. Web Rich ... Read more

Different Types of Testing

Different Types of Testing Black box testing: Black box testing is not based on any knowledge of internal design or code. This test is based mainly on requirements and functionality. White box testing: White box testing is mainly based on information of the internal logic of an application’s code. Tests are base on coverage of code statements, branches, paths, conditions. Software Testing Services Unit testing: This test is mainly performed by the programmer not by the tester. This is the smallest compliable component. This unit is tested in isolation by the help of drivers or stubs. Incremental integration testing: Incremental integration testing is a ... Read more

SDLC Mode Offshore Software Development

SDLC Mode Offshore Software Development If proper documentations is not done, is one of the reasons why program with no SDLC model is undesirable. One can write the Software development program without SDLC and implement also but with no SDLC, then there is no documentations to support the development of the program. Developers can make their own documentations, but this is only for the program and nothing else. The revision on why it must work, development and trouble shooting are fraction of proper documentations which is outlined in SDLC. A program with no SDLC cannot be made another copy if there’s a ... Read more

Software product line development

Software product line development A product line is a group of products which collectively address a specific market segment or accomplish a specific task. Product lines are, of course, nothing new in manufacturing. It the development of the previous version to have better performance the product to increase the work force with more accuracy and decrease the production cost and maximize the profits. But Software Development product lines based on inter product harmony are a comparatively new idea which is rapidly emerging as a viable and important Software Development development paradigm. Product flexibility is the anthem of the software marketplace, and product lines ... Read more

Ethical Issues in Software Development

Ethical Issues in Software Development Software ethics is the way of utilizations with morals in computer/software usage. It has been suggested to follow and take into account by Software Development ethics which are a set of moral rules/principles. In this rules any unauthorized copying of Software Development is against the law and a violation of software ethics. This copyright law protects software builder and publishers. Unauthorized copying of Software Development by any one can harm the whole academic community. If it happens in a campus Unauthorized copying and distributions and use of software, violating software ethics divest publishers and Software Development of a flaxen return for their hard ... Read more

When Good Architecture Goes Bad Software Development

When Good Architecture Goes Bad Software Development A developers when asked to make changes or corrections or any updating to existing applications which had been developed by some one else. Then it might happen many times that the new developers do not able to understand and also might happen that no one wants to touch that one. This means that Software Development get bad. But questions arises how did the Software Development get that bad? Most probably no one set out to make it like that? The answer is obvious that the Software Development is enduring from Software Erosion – the incessant decompose of the internal structure of ... Read more

Interaction Management

Interaction Management Interaction Management System is a Customer Relation Management Offshore Software Development solution that assist organizations to build, mange and server their customer better. By means of Interaction Management System software development companies can give Response Technical Support, Immediate Access to Order Status, Improved response time and better delivery to meet customer needs. WebDhoom is dedicated for developing Interaction Management System, which is Customers Relations Management, is an enterprise wide integrations, digital call recording and call recording and call logging system which sharply monitors and serve their potential customer in better way. By means of Interaction Management System Software development companies can provide Instant ... Read more

Lean Configuration Management

Lean Configuration Management Configuration management is way of for supporting software development with standard practice within traditional software development processes product. One of the important reasons of software development configurations management is to control modifications made to the software product. Lean Software Development philosophy mainly focuses on delivering clients value in a stable flow and eliminating needless process waste. One method to implement lean is to initiate agile software development ways, like XP or Scrum. Agile values also have numerous focuses on how to manage modifications, but different traditional Configuration management agile ways are being more feasible to changes. Configuration Management The rising fame of agile ... Read more