Important Ranking Signals To Float High On Search Engines List

There are more than
one billion websites on the World Wide Web and all want to attain higher rank
on the first page of popular search engines. Google, the leading search engine
in the world, evaluates every website based on several ranking parameters and
allots them a position on its Search engine results page (SERP). Finding a
place among the top 3 results is essential as most of the clicks on any search
result go to these positions.

Your website must stay updated with the latest algorithm updates to rank high and gain more traffic. Studies have shown that well-optimized websites gain more traffic, generate qualified leads and add more customers to their database. A higher rank improves the reputation and credibility of a site and increases sales and revenue.

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with the performance of your website and want to climb high on the pedestal of
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Important SEO Ranking

  • Content quality is one of the
    important ranking factors to find a higher position on the pedestal of
    search engines. Informative, well researched and engaging content will
    boost your search engine rank and draw traffic to your website. Further, a
    2000 word article stands a better chance of getting more traffic than
    500-word content.

  • Inclusion of relevant keywords
    in the title tag of the web page can improve your web page rankings.
    Optimized content with relevant keywords holds valuable SEO power.

  • Page load speed is an important
    ranking factor. A fast loading website will get more traffic and revenue.
    On the contrary, a slow loading website will have fewer visitors.

  • Voice search, rich snippets and
    knowledge about search intent is vital to increase organic traffic to your
    website and find a place on the first page of search engines.

  • Your website should be
    responsive enough and must be mobile-friendly to attain the desired spot
    on search engines. Make sure that the content of your website matches
    identically on both mobile and desktop.

  • A well- structured website with
    better navigation features offers an opportunity to web crawlers to search
    every page of the website.

  • Improved user experience
    increases the number of page views. The amount of time a user spends on a
    particular website is a major ranking signal. Further, regular addition of
    content and optimization of Call to action will drive traffic to the
    website increasing revenue.

  • A secure website with HTTPS
    stands a better chance of getting a desired placement on the search
    engines results page.

  • On-page optimization factors
    such as Metadata, internal link structure and schema will assist your
    website to stand out against competitors.

  • And lastly, authoritative and
    relevant backlinks are a leading component to rank well and bring desired
    customers to your website.