PPC SEO Package

A conventional method of making your website crawl up the order and position in the top of the Google SERP works fine for the business. But, what about playing a bit more with the psychology of the service seekers?

There has been a
whole paradigm shift in digital marketing practices in the industry. PPC or
Pay-Per-Click is that new be-all for enterprises which choose to trade online
and own an e-commerce website.

Pay-Per-Click is a new
advertising model which is new in the umbrella of Digital Marketing. Hence,
there is still not ample knowledge pertinent to PPC, the professionals have
managed to latch on to.

You might
have tried running a campaign or two through agencies but we can literally
assert that your campaign’s budget might have ended up in a costly affair.

Running a
PPC campaign is not for novices. That’s why Webdhoom has some of the brilliant
minds on board who have experience in handling major PPC campaigns. Our PPC
package is designed for small, medium and large business, and we own the required
skillsets to conduct successful PPC campaigns on Ad networks like Google, Bing,
Facebook, etc.

Outline Of PPC Campaign Management package

Understanding the PPC campaign management until its roots don’t come by memorizing books or by cracking certification exams. It purely comes from hand-on practice on the ground level and with churning out ideas in making strategies.

We create PPC campaigns considering:

  • The devices (smartphone, tablet & desktop) on which the ads will be displayed.
  • The time and day, which is the most suitable for the Ad to be displayed for maximum ROI.
  • Frugal budget allocation for the campaign.
  • The geographical region where the Ad is needed to be displayed to target only potential customers.

You Can Expect Extra Our PPC Packages

We are a PPC advertising company that strives to deliver you a bit extra than what you expect from a service provider. We do a broad analysis of keywords for your PPC campaign, monitor and manage the campaign and invest constant effort to generate maximum enquiries from the customers.  Our set-up PPC campaign would consist:

  • Mobile Ads and remarketing options.
  • Landing page creation for the campaign.
  • Probability of higher lead generation and sales.
  • Minimal CPC (Cost-per-Click).
  • Bid management for the optimal use of budget.
  • Creative text and graphical Ad creation.

Why Trust Us?

A human mind can’t cease the scepticism and choosing to trust in a new service provider must raise doubts in your mind. We understand your concern and invite you to confer with us for a further detailed understanding of the PPC package. Moreover, we can pride on our below-listed qualities which have always:

  • Highly qualified and skilled workforce.
  • Market’s lowest price for PPC management.
  • 10 years of proven expertise.
  • Complete transparency in business policy.
  • 100 % customer satisfaction.