Cloaking is banned by Search engine by SEO

Most people state that cloaking is unethical SEO Company , but they are mistaken. It is true that serving different pages to the search engines than to people is wrong concept, it must be banned as the search engines are ranking the page according to what they suppose it to be and not according to what it really is
The ethical outlook is that, if a page is ranked properly, on the basis of its topic, then surfers will view it listed in the search results, and show result on the basis of what they expected to search on the other end. It’s not a problem matter (SEO Company) how the page came to be ranked in that position, and it doesn’t matter if another page took its place when the engine was assessing it. If the ranking is accurate on the basis its topic and the page at the other end is what were anticipated when clicking on the listing, then surfers are totally happy.

Cloaking may be used wrongly, by diverting SEO people to sites and topics that they did not suppose to go to when clicking on a listing in the search results, and that is a brilliant reason to be against the abuse of cloaking, but it doesn’t signify that cloaking is unethical.

An example here can clear how cloaking actually help Google

Google’s crawlers doesn’t crawl pages that have something (SEO Company) that looks similar to Session IDs in their URLs. If they did such thing then they run the risk of crawling an endless number of pages, since each page, which is searched would contain links to other pages, and the link URLs would (SEO Company) include the current session ID, which generates different URLs which was the last time the page was requested. This process would continuously go on and on and on, creating a vast number of sole URLs to spider and index.

It signifies that Google won’t crawl most of the pages (search engines optimization) on some websites. But Google actually wants to spider most or all of each website’s pages. The way out is to cloak the pages. You can done it spotting page SEO Company requests from the Google crawlers and delivering modified pages with no Session IDs in the link URLs, Google is able to spider all of a site’s pages. This is exactly what Google wants, it’s what the website owner wants and, if asked, it would be what surfers want. It helps everybody and harms no-one.

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