Children Books Illustrators India

A human brain grasps and remembers any image, sketch or graphical representation easily. That’s why it’s said that “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Graphical illustration representation of any written material or concept in the form of picture, image, photograph or any art work is known as an illustration. Nowadays, computer graphic software creates a wonderful illustration in both two dimension and three dimensions and we have experts illustrators in our studio.

Computer designed illustrations are used both in the elementary books of children as well in specialized fields such as architecture, fashion designing, engineering etc. 3D illustrations are also used for online advertising and promotion. Some benefits of 3D illustrations include:

  • It is cost effective
  • Loads faster than a photograph or a video clip
  • Contains more information than a photograph
  • Can be customized or modified easily

Importance of Illustration in Children book publishing services India

Any visual representation in the form of a picture, photograph, sketch or any other work of art which clarifies or dictates information from a story, article, essay or poem is known as an illustration. In current times, illustrations are mostly created through the use of computer software applications in our studio. It can be created in the form of two or three-dimensional illustrations. Some of the purposes for which illustration is required are:

Convey a message:  Illustrations are required when you have to express an idea to someone quickly, which is otherwise difficult to explain and takes a lot of time. According to a research, a human brain can grasp a visual information quickly, as compared to a verbal or written instruction. Moreover, it also conveys the message effectively to individuals, with hearing disability.

Education: A child of primary school understands about the objects, animals, birds and the outside world through the help of illustrations. It not only helps a child in the development of his imagination but also educates him. This is the main reason why illustrated books are prepared for children. Besides children, Illustration is also used for the people of different age groups to understand complex topics such as mechanical, scientific, engineering, medicine and others.

Advertisement:  Illustration plays an important part in the effective promotion of your brand, product or services. An illustrated advertisement in the form of a leaflet, flyer or a brochure stays in the memory of the consumers for a long time build in professional studios in India. People can easily identify an illustrated brand out of a long list of other brands. An illustrated advertisement on the internet can grab the attention of millions of eyeballs and can prove effective and beneficial for the company in or all over the globe.