WAP is the Wireless Software Development applications protocol which is the standard shaped and cared by the WAP forum provide uniform technology platform with reliable content format for delivering intranet and internet based information and services to digital mobile phones and other wireless devices. WAP Wireless Software Development offers simple and fast rendering of required information and services to mobile users.

As per the WAP Wireless Software Development , the worldwide standard for providing Internet communications and advanced telephony services on digital mobile phones, pagers, personal digital assistants and other wireless terminals. 
Principally WAP is intended to make customer-friendly and fresh data applications for mobile phones. Three types of terminals, in use have been defined

  • Featured phone that provides high voice quality with the ability of text messaging and Internet browsing.
  • Smart phones by means of analogous Wireless Software Development function along with large display.
  • The Communicator, an advanced terminal for mobile professional with large display.

The WAP forum had placed the aims for WAP which are listed below:

  • Self-governing wireless network standard.
  • Open to all Internet users
  • Proposed to the suitable web standard bodies.
  • Scalable across transport options.
  • Extensible in due course to new networks and transports.
  • Scalable across device types.

WAP services in real situation

In the real business state, Wireless Software Development services of WAP Wireless Software Development can be assumed for transferring information. Wireless Applications Protocol Wireless Software Development can offer its services through utilizing economical devices with develop in barcode scanners, keypads and simple digital exhibit. Wireless Applications Protocol permits a matching set of client application to be built that reutilize existing server applications and database. In addition, these Wireless Software Development applications can be dynamically downloaded and run on any of these devices. Wireless Wireless Software Development in every industry will positively require WAP services.

Communications between Client and Server

The WAP Wireless Software Development Protocol Stack is implemented by means of a layered approach that is similar to the OSI network model. The different types of layers are,

  • Wireless Application Environment (WAE)
  • Wireless Session Protocol (WSP)
  • Wireless Transaction Protocol (WTP)
  • Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS)
  • Wireless Datagram Protocol (WDP)
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