Tips To Secure Your Website’s Rank Against Regular Google Updates

Tips To Secure Your Website’s Rank Against Regular Google Updates

Google, the leading search engine in the
world whose search results are widely trusted and accepted by everyone, rolls
out its updates several times in a month and multiple times in a year. The
primary objective of regular Google updates is to maintain its supremacy in
search services and online advertising. SEO should comply with latest Google
algorithm updates as they represent new ranking opportunities and criteria.

Google’s search spiders discover your
website and crawl them completely before indexing it. The speed, relevancy and
the quality of the content it provides in its search engine results page, makes
it the most preferred search engine.

Important Ranking Factors

An original, informative and readable
content is widely preferred by Google for a higher rank on search engine
results page (SERP). Regular posting of content on your website will enable
search engine spiders to frequently crawl your website and index it. Besides
quality of content, another ranking indicator is the quality of backlinks
pointing back to your website.

Use of appropriate keywords and
optimization of headlines and Meta tags should be taken seriously in order to
enjoy higher visibility on search engines. Domain age, URL and authority, page
load speed and mobile friendly website are equally important ranking indicators
.And lastly; social media engagement is of paramount importance to earn a top
spot on Google. The rank of your website will not oscillate on search engines
if you strictly follow these principles.

Avoid unethical SEO practices

It is important to mention that spammy and untrustworthy links can dip your search engine rankings and may even attract Google penalty. Once your website has been identified as a spam, it will require a herculean effort to help it bounce back. So, it is advisable to hire best SEO services in India that understands the value of quality backlinks.

Besides this, poor page load speed,
plagiarized content or a website that takes time to load on smartphones and
tablets can lower your rank. Poorly implemented ideas and unethical practices
will seriously impact your SEO strategy. So, just apply white hat SEO practices
and remain patient. 

Best SEO Company in India will ensure first
page rank on Google

As a business owner, you website should act as your digital footprint. Best SEO Company in India will evaluate the performance of your website, identity online competitors and will design an effective strategy for the growth of your business. Tailor made SEO packages in India as per your business requirement will boost your online rank, drive traffic to your website, improve conversion rate and increase return on Investment.