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This open source solutions is beneficial to them who want to have their own website but need not have too much budget to have opted for the licenses software to develop a website. For them it is the best choice to fulfill the dream of having own website with in low budget at WebDhoom

We at webdhoom are among the innovative web development Company from who provides open source solutions, which is nowadays most preferable technology in the web applications. We use develop solutions in Joomla CMS Development , Oscommerce Ecommerce , CRE Loaded, Sugar CRM, Affiliate Solutions, Drupal CMS Solutions. These extensively utilized open source technologies offer a stable, scalable and cost effective solution to a rapid development. Our main objectives are to offer small and medium enterprises to maximize their return on the investment made on applications development by cutting the cost.

We are highly experts in providing in Open Source Software (OSS) integration, at Webdhoom we provide:

  • Web Servers and Web Applications (Apache, WebLogic, JBoss)
  • Open Source Database Management Systems (MySQL)
  • Open Source Content Management System (Joomla, Mambo, Drupal and many more)
  • Open Source Online Shopping Solution (Oscommerce, Zen-cart, X-cart, etc.)
  • Open Source Learning Management System (Moodle etc.)
  • Open Source Blogging Software (WordPress etc.)
  • Open Source Customer Relationship Management, CRM (Sugar CRM)
  • Open Source Framework (CakePHP, Ruby on Rails)
  • Open Source Photo Gallery, Image Gallery

Open source software is free openly available and distributed software which guarantees the read to right, customize, redistribute and use the same. Open source solutions dominate the web world today and some of the largest website like
We have the ability to develop offshore open source ecommerce development solutions mainly based on open source programming language with the help of PHP and open source database MySQL. Deployment of open source requires skill in web development industry knowledge and technological discipline to successfully build, modify and enhance those mechanisms.

Open source software means to

An open source system is an application of which source code is available for modifications, customization and Integration in the means it meets your needs. The application provides us a framework that can further we customized to build definite client’s needs based applications.

Why Open Source Driven Solutions is nowadays is preferable

  • Reduced the cost investment in developing solutions in the range from 65% to 80% compared to a product developed from scratch.
  • It needs less time for the Developing a solutions by over 50%.
  • Huge supports from the free plug-in to these open source products,
  • Free from Dependency of Vendors.

Why Open Source?

Choosing as Open Source development provides huge benefits:

  • No need to take Licenses which save charges
  • Higher constancy
  • More performance
  • Better functionality

We offer Open Source Solutions in following:
Joomla Development and Customization
Joomla is a free, open source content management system (CMS) for managing and publishing the content on the World Wide Web and intranets. Joomla comprises features like page caching to progress performance, RSS feeds, blogs, news flashes, polls, website searching.
OsCommerce Development
OsCommerce is an online shopping e-commerce solution which provides an extensive range of out-of-the-box features which permits online stores to be setup fairly quickly with ease, and is available for free as an Open Source based solution released under the General Public License (GNU).
Magento Customization
Magento is an Open Source technology treated as the foundation, provides you freedom and control to upgrade or customize it precisely as per your business requirements.
Dotnet Nuke
DotNetNuke is an open-source Web Application Framework which is built on Microsoft ASP.NET platform. It is too much appropriate for creating and deploying web development projects like as commercial websites.
Drupal CMS Customization and Development
Drupal is a free and open source modular framework and content management system (CMS) written in the programming language PHP. Drupal permits the system administrator to create and manage content, automate the task of admin, and manage site visitors and contributors.

Sandeep Shankar
Sandeep Shankar
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