Pharmaceutical Portal Development

We have been reputed Software Pharmaceutical Portal Development for Pharmaceutical companies. We devote all our effort for building robust, scalable software for the pharmaceutical industry which are based on pharmaceutical software needs and best practices. First of all we go through your business models and research on your working process and make an appropriate way to customize your needs and help to run your business efficiently. We create powerful web-based solutions to run your business globally any where in the world with all fulfilling your requirement which can help to maintain your company from any where. Our applications will help to enhance various functionalities to your pharmaceutical sector such as pharmaceutical R&D, sales, CRM and supply chain management etc.

Overview of Pharmaceutical Industry

Today the pharmaceutical industries are facing intense competitions from too many new players and too few new drug players. So it becomes very much necessary to minimize the cost of productive and improve productive, if you really want to stay competitive and to make good return. There is need for new drug Pharmaceutical Portal Development and shortening time-to-market for new drugs. The companies which try to launch new product in shortest time-to-market are the winners of the future. Regulatory compliance has an important role in this scenario with companies who skid up on compliance having to face the legal and market connotations of this.

It has often seen that IT requirement of each function is critical for Pharmaceutical Portal Development companies to stay forward in the strong competitions in the field. The very nature of the product requires that pharmaceutical companies should have productive, real time response systems to congregate customer requirement instantaneously.

We develop your business portal that improves R&D processes in pharmaceutical companies. Many time consuming process will be reduced at very minimum time to process those process may include submission management, research data integration, statistical analysis and reporting etc. The applications develop for R&D departments of pharmaceutical companies transition them to more organized and efficient R&D practices. It will provide clinical data capture and comprehensive data analysis to detailed reporting with a mouse click, WebDhoom provides solutions that help companies to accelerate their drug Pharmaceutical Portal Development processes in strict compliance.

Pharmaceutical Solutions that Address Departmental Needs in Pharmaceutical Companies

Regulatory in the pharmaceutical industry are very much complex and instantly it keeps changing. We provide you a user friendly solution that helps you to struggle the global companies.

WebDhoom development provides pharmaceutical software applications that have specifically customize the needs of the following departments:

  • R&D
  • CRM
  • Supply chain management
  • Compliance
  • Finance and accounting functions
  • Sales and marketing

Benefits of Pharmaceutical Software Development Services

  • High software quality
  • Reduced cost of investment
  • Transparent development processes
  • Clear Communication channels throughout project lifecycle
  • Accelerated drug development
  • Faster time-to-market with new drugs
  • Improve regulatory compliance
  • Increased global reach through web-enabled applications
  • Savings by stream lining support functions such as finance and HR
  • Enhanced R&D data management
  • Knowledge sharing through multi-access applications
  • Access to collaborative research tools

Our team is focus on clinical trials systems, contract research software, laboratory information management systems, and regulatory compliance. WebDhoom offers almost every range of software services which comprise Web Application Development , system integration, web-enabling, implementation and e-business consulting to global pharmaceutical companies.

If you want to be the forward player in the pharmaceutical business then contact our development group to solve your IT problem to be handled further.

Sandeep Shankar
Sandeep Shankar
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