PHP guestbook

PHP guestbook is very nice book where online visitors can post comments about your website. PHP guestbook has support with strong anti-SPAM protections, IP banning, smileys, entry notification and more.

PHP Guestbook – script info

GBook didn’t need a MySQL database to run. You can easily place smileys, it also sends you an e-mail notification when somebody signs your guestbook and you can delete unsuitable messages. Visitors can even post confidential guest book messages that you can only read! This guestbook have power to perform web development IP banning, XHTML valid code, a bad words filter that changes the entire bad words with in new posts and a security switch that prevents floading.
If yours present guestbook totally filled with spam, then you can select PHP guestbook, it is free with spam as it has an in-built protection against guestbook SPAM and even encodes e-mail addresses to avoid SPAM harvesters from searching them. You will never receive any SPAM in mail. For more info on guestbook spam and how effective GBook then go on reading you will get all information’s:
Guestbook version 1.35 launched a new feature with best tool to scrap SPAM: JunkMarkTM SPAM filter is designed to accumulation those spammers who really visit your guestbook and get pass the security number verification! A sole SPAM-fighting tool, offer it a check!
You can wholly customize seem of the guestbook through editing header, footer and style files!
PHP Guestbook has been tested and verified with all web development functionalities on servers under both Windows and Linux operating systems. It doesn’t matter that you can run only on the windows and Linux operating system, this can work in any script might still work if configured accurately.

System Requirements

  • Windows or UNIX server
  • PHP4 support
  • FTP access and a FTP program
Sandeep Shankar
Sandeep Shankar
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