Random Image

Random is a simple random image script which will display random images extracting from a particular folder of your option. It also works with all other files also, not just Web development images.

Random image – PHP script info


RandOm is a one of the simplest PHP random image rotator script. Utilize it to show random images from a folder of your option. Displaying a random picture on your website can be as easy as placing like code on your page:

But not only random images! RandOm holds file extension filtering therefore it can be utilized to erratically pick other file kind also. You can effortlessly set it up to work as a random file download link.

Most significant Features of RandOm

  • shows a random image picking from any folder as link on the server
  • It can be place to work with random files as an alternative
  • you can placed and permitted file extensions therefore it can select only definite file kinds from a group of Web development files.
  • can be utilized as an URL or as a PHP comprise
  • supports altering settings on-the-fly


  • PHP 4.3 or higher

RandIm is free to utilize on any website, however it needs attribution. However more: if you are utilizing this script you are needed to place a link to Web development PHPJunkyard on your website.

Sandeep Shankar
Sandeep Shankar
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