color combination in effective website design

Power of Color Combination Web Designing

Did you know about the power of color combination in web designing rules the mind set of the most visitors landing to your website and helps in generation of an instant opinion about you and your offering? The opinion is generated subconsciously, and there is nothing the site visitor can do about it. How can this be? Well, it's isn't to do with the words you've written. The opinion is formed before the visitor has read a single word on your site. The quality and selection of pictures and images on the web page won't make any difference either. It doesn't even matter if what you're offering is really great, and is at a fantastically attractive price. The instant opinion is formed as soon as your web page appears in your visitor's browser. Now you may be thinking about that element of web designing, stop thinking as in below lines you will find the answer for the thought appeared in your grey matter.What is it that can have such an effect on your website visitors?

The answer is colors. Yes, visitors to your corporate website will form an instant opinion based on the color scheme you use on your page. This happens because our reaction to color is psychological and intuitive. We are all affected by color, and there's nothing we can do about it. This is why companies spend millions on getting exactly the right the colors for their products and marketing. They understand the psychology of color, and make sure they are using the appropriate colors as per their business propositions.

The reason why this is important for you and everybody who is part of web designing world is that the same color psychology applies to our corporate websites. On web pages there are some color combinations which will have visitors clicking away from the page very quickly. Which would a bad sign if your page is selling a product on website, and you want your visitors to read your compelling sales copy!

The good news, however, is that there are other color combinations which will actually make the page visitor more sympathetic to you, and to your proposition. The psychology of colors isn't new. It's been around for many years. In our subconscious, we all have emotions conveyed to us by color. Depending on the colors used, it might be a good feeling or a bad feeling. It could be a sense of warmth, trust and belonging. Or it could be a sense of coolness, distrust and rejection.

Information about colors with feelings & emotions they convey:

RED: Sense of power, energy, strength, love, leadership, danger, excitement etc

GREEN: Money, health, healing, food, nature, life, harmony etc

BLUE: Tranquility, peace, harmony, love, acceptance, trustworthiness, stability etc

PURPLE: Royalty, nobility, wisdom, dignity, independence, ambition etc

BROWN: Earthiness, nature, tribal, comfort, durability, reliability etc

BLACK: Dramatic, power, sophistication, formality, elegance, wealth, style etc

WHITE: Purity, innocence, fresh, easy, simplicity, cleanliness etc

ORANGE: Steadfastness, courage, confidence, friendliness, cheerfulness, playfulness, comfort etc

YELLOW: Caution, brightness, intelligence, curiosity, playfulness, cheerfulness etc

The key for your website success is to make sure your color scheme is consistent with proposition of the main theme of the web site. If the subconscious mind of your visitor has trouble in reconciling the mixed message, they won't even try. And you will lose that valuable visitor. The colors on your website have the power to mean the difference between profit and loss.
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color combination in effective website design