Guide lines for website desgning with all do's and don'ts

Do's and Don'ts of Web Designing

In coming lines going to introduce you about the common list for website design do’s and don’ts. This categorical list can apply not only for Google but also for all of search engines. These lists can help you to increase your website optimization and also can make visitor like your website. Must know Do’s of Web Designing

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  • Make a relevant, useful and unique content in your website, especially for Home/index page. People always forget about this, actually this is the important thing.
  • Update your website’s content regularly, especially for Home/index page. Website that always update its content will get the more visit of Google robot. This cause can make your visitor to come back to your website again.
  • Make a group or directory with the content that relevant with your website. If you have 50 (fifty) short pages/article is better than you have 10 (ten) long pages/article (continuous page) because long page/article can make your visitor not feel like to read it. You must make sure that each of articles has minimum 200-250 words.
  • You must place and use keyword in the title, heading, first paragraph, link text. That is the main place that Google will check, the important is in the title. It will be easier for you to check the keyword in each page/article if you highlight the keyword or make it bold.
  • Make a unique title and description for each page or article. That is an important thing and you don’t miss it.
  • Make a Related Link page to add your link to another website as a part of exchange link. Please make sure that you have some content in this page, don’t just contain text of that link.
  • Make Link To Us page that contain easy copy link code. Please make sure that your link contains your best keyword.
Must know Don’ts of Web Designing
  • Don’t use transfer page to your website. Google will give you penalty because of that.
  • Don’t repeat keyword on the same page. Please make sure that your keyword density is 3-8% for total of the word in your article, if not Google will consider that become SPAM.
  • Don’t use hidden text in your website, such as white text in your background. Search engine will consider this as SPAM.
  • Don’t use small text with small size of font also. Search engine will consider this as SPAM.
  • Don’t use hidden image link. Search engine will consider this as SPAM.
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Guide lines for website desgning with all do's and don'ts