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As Per A Google Survey, Every Four Searches Out Of 10 Is Made Through Mobile Phones.

With a constant hike in mobile phone users, the number of mobile searchers is increasing. And it has become important for the advertisers and business owners to optimize their websites for their mobile users too.

Mobile SEO makes your website mobile device-friendly, takes care of improvement in mobile searches and provides the mobile users a valuable experience.

Why do you need to do Mobile SEO for your Website?

  • There has been a major increase in the percentage of adult smart phone users, from 20% to 56% approx.
  • According to experts, mobile keywords are capable of attracting a large amount of traffic to a website.
  • 30-40% users shop through their mobiles.
  • Apart from this, many of the Google rules correlates to the steady functions of the mobile versions of websites.
  • Moreover, Google is intending to incorporate mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor.
Mobile SEO India

Google Mobile SEO

Thus, mobile optimization of a website is no longer optional. If you wish to drive traffic to your website and want to target your audience in a better and bigger way, then Mobile SEO is quite essential for you.

Difference between Mobile and Desktop SEO:

  • Mobile phones have smaller screen compared to the PC, thus typing is difficult on them.
  • These operate via mobile operator networks and are not as fast as wired internet connection.
  • Moreover, search engines have somewhat a different algorithm for indexing mobile sites.
  • Website structure for a mobile website also differs. Mobile websites have to be small and less heavy

 Few Suggestions for Mobile SEO:

  • Say no to flashý
  • Minimal to no use of Pop upsþ
  • Be precise while developing Meta titles and descriptionsþ
  • Easy to Readþ
  • No Infinite Scrollsý
  • Quick to loadþ
  • Small buttons & linksþ
  • Forms should be exceptionally shortþ
  • Information should be readily available þ
  • Avoid videos that do not play on mobile devicesý
  • Avoid Faulty redirects that let mobile visitors at the wrong pageý
  • Page 404 errorý

What Our Mobile SEO Experts Will Do For You?

To begin with, we will first carry out the audit of your website to detect the mobile issues and provide you with the solutions. Our mobile audit includes:

  • Our professionals will work to attract traffic to your website by improving the search ranking and online visibility on mobile search results.
  • Increase customer conversion rate by providing the mobile user with good user experience.
  • Enable mobile users to conveniently connect with your business with mobile only techniques such as click and call.
  • Measure and boost your mobile ROI.

Have doubt or query, please feel free to call or write to us. We would love to hear from you.