Multimedia Ebook or Book Publishing Service in India

An important way to differentiate your eBook from other available books in the market is to utilize the technology of multimedia e-book conversion to add rich media content to your eBooks. An eBook incorporates images, audio, video and interactive content to grab the attention of the readers. By incorporating multimedia features, the eBooks will not only stand out from the competition but will also become interesting, engaging and memorable. Your audience will grow and will recommend these book publishing service to others.

A multimedia eBook offers multiple options for an author or a Book publisher to arouse the interest of readers.

Some of its important features are:

  • You can include the images and videos of animals that move and talk in a children’s book.
  • A food recipe book can show images of prepared meals.
  • A travel guide can have images and videos of different locations.

Similarly, a biography can have a video about the person, an instruction book can include videos to perform different tasks and a technical manual can have links to popular definitions.
The number of multimedia eBooks is bound to increase over time. We possess technical expertise and relevant experience to successfully convert your eBook into a multimedia eBook.


Calligraphy can be defined as the study and method of creating visual interest by turning words into beautiful art. The beautiful handwriting on wedding invitation, logos, graphic design, memorial documents and religious art are all examples of calligraphy. You can even find it in editorial designs, book covers, packaging, book publishing, testimonials, maps, moving TV and film images. This beautiful expression of the written word will take your handwritten work to greater heights.

We create a custom title and author branding for reputed Book publication houses. You can deliver a powerful statement with your book cover with our customized service.