Death Meta Tag keyword With SEO

The Meta keyword tag is a means to insert SEO text inside an HTML page which is not noticeable when the page is seen in a browser. Many search engines have read the content of the tag and connected with the words inside it along with the page’s standard body copy.

The Rise & Fall of the Meta Keywords Tag

Infoseek and AltaVista are the first among the search engines optimization SEO who used the SEO Company . It is not clear who used the Meta tag keywords first but both of them used early 1996. When HotBot search engines launched Inktomi in mid-1996 it also provided support for the tag. Lycos also launched the same in mid-1997, taking support up to four out of the seven major crawlers at the time.

Search Engine Optimization Meta Tag Keyword

The dominance of the tag did not last after 1997. It was noticed by many that Meta tag has a spam magnet. If any web site proprietors insert deceptive SEO Company words about their pages or exercise too much recurrence of words in expect of tricking the crawlers about relevancy. For this reason, Excite (which also owned Web Crawler) resisted added support. Lycos quietly dropped its support of the tag in 1998, and newer search engines such as Google and FAST never added support at all.

In 2000, Infoseek was closed, and then the seo Meta keywords tag was having only two blind supporters: Inktomi and AltaVista. At the present Inktomi leftovers the only one, with AltaVista is having plunged its support in July, as per SEO Services company new.

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