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Features of Sugar CRM

Corporate Calendar

  • Calendar view through on the basis of day, week, month or year of the entire corporate activities, for and allocated task list
  • Shared calendar for showing other users' calendars to help to evade scheduling variance

Work Flow & Contract Management

  • Have full Control on how information moves through your web development India business more powerfully
  • Works might be assigned to users, with the alternative to send automatic email to advocate users for new tasks or leads needing action or follow-up
  • Log agreement beginning and ending dates, and make workflow to create a task emerge previous to a contract termination
  • Enhanced lead sharing automates the transfer of leads created from marketing into the sales outline
  • Customize Sugar CRM by the help of your Microsoft® Outlook*, in a way that you never forget to contact a up-coming customer– In this simply you have to download the Outlook plug-in and synchronize your email and calendar in Outlook 2003* with Sugar CRM

Build Quotes & Invoices

  • Make a item or product list inside Sugar CRM to produce quotes for the particular products and/or services
  • Translate prospect records into PDF quotes and invoices which can then be emailed to the prescribed account contact
  • Import price lists so that you can have the most relevant and latest product information for your quotes

Manage Customer Information

  • Manage and access the entire of your prospect and customer information at a centralize place - Sugar CRM provides small businesses one place to administer customer information, and track the important information about sales opportunities, accounts, and personality web development India business contacts
  • Automatically connect incoming and outgoing email messages and actions with your accounts, business contacts, or business opportunities so that you can easily search them later when ever necessary
  • Link tasks, phone logs, notes, and files to your accounts, relevant business contacts, or sales opportunities so that you can search them quickly

Share Customer Information with Co-Workers

  • You can share your customer information among your other business with selected co-workers
  • Gives managers with a inclusive sight of customer information and sales opening across the web development India company and assists co-workers to fill in for each other
  • Assist your sales leads effortlessly see who is working on what and what stage in the sales process each account is in.

Email Campaign Management

  • Create HTML emails and send them to selected records from within Sugar CRM
  • The email campaigns sent are mechanically putted to the account record, enabling you to track each customer's disclosure to your diverse communications and campaigns over time
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