Process E-commerce Development

Success or failure of any E-commerce website project totally depends planning and process gone in time of development. Over process of E-commerce website development starts with target consumer wants needs our process make the online purchase an easy and enjoyable for the consumer after that we understand store owner the process he currently uses and the best method we can facilitate him. After freezing the entire requirement we go in our well defined E-commerce website development process. A logical development process runs through the full project development lifecycle, from initial consulting and specifications to development, change management and quality assurance these are vital which are base line of over E-commerce website development process

Steps Behind Building a Success E-commerce website in

There is no standard pattern For developing a successful E-commerce website. But its very important to follow a structured approach of creating websites. Through our past experience, we’ve streamlined the process for creating the perfect E-commerce website.The First Step – Determining Purpose

over aim of this step is to determine the purpose and the type of site our client needs. Is the purpose of the site B2c E-commerce, online auction, B2b E-commerce, community buy and sell, or something else? Here conduct bit study before we begin a new project. We use this information to select the best style for the site. For gathering maximum information we ask few questions like:

  • Who is the audience?
  • What do you want the audience to do?
  • Who is your competition?

Second Step – Finding a Look

the second step is for creating a new site is to establishing a deciding a visual appeal of website design. This stage of the E-commerce website development process requires constant communication between over website designer and client. Changes are made often although website designers are quite experience and efficient. We start by designing a mock-up template for the client based on over initial understanding of the E-commerce website project we keep in mind preferences and requirements of client. From the initial templates we gain a visual direction for the site. Changes are made based on input from the client. There after we can again create template or make changes in existing website template. One of the templates maybe exactly what the client wants, maybe there are components of each template that can be incorporated into one, or maybe all the templates need to be scrapped. Through this process, we make sure that our client’s vision for developing an E-commerce website is effectively communicated and finally appears in the look and feel of the website.

E-commerce solutions E-commerce development

Third step is to determine the visual details of the E-commerce store, we assemble the site. High quality optimized for fast-loading graphics are created with it search engine friendly HTML coding is done, and all the pieces are skillfully assembled. This is also the point of the project where we add the content of the site. Normally the content is supplied by the client. After this we integrate the shopping cart system. If the site requires a custom web software application, we integrate it.Forth Step -Testing, re-testing, and testing some more

After third step we make sure when we go live with a E-commerce website development project, that there are no surprises. We comprehensively scrutinize the project for the perfect planed functionality. This is especially important when we create custom web software programs. Some of the most important issues we examine are:

  • Dial-up vs. Broadband loading times
  • PC vs. Mac compatibility
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Custom web application bugs
  • High volume traffic stability

Fifth Step – Go live

once a E-commerce website project receives the final approval of our client, we go live. This is the most exciting stage of the process. The site is ready for doing business with specially planned to deliver the best E-commerce experience to customer and E-commerce store owner.

Sandeep Shankar
Sandeep Shankar
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