Google Dance and DNS

Now the Google server SEO Company reached around more than 10,000 servers for indexing the pages located in 13 different data centers. The different data centers are mostly located in the California and Herndon, Santa Clara and Virginia and in Dublin, Ireland.

To facilitate direct traffic to all the data centers, Google records all queries centrally, on main server and then drive them to the data centers. Indeed, each data center having different IP address and the way these IP addresses are accessed is supervised by the Domain Name System by SEO.

Principally, the DNS performs like this: the data transfer on the Internet constantly take place in-between IP addresses. The information of the domain is decides to which IP address is offered by the servers name of the DNS. As a user writes name of a domain into his browser and click the button for search, a locally configured name server integrates the IP address SEO for that domain by contacting the name of the server that are liable for that domain. Then the IP address is cached by the name of the server, so that it is not essential to contact the liable name server each time an association is made with a domain.

The records for a domain having a unique server name comprise (SEO Company) that how long the record may be cached by a caching server name. That’s the Time To Live (TTL) of a domain. After expiration of the TTL, the caching name servers have to obtain the record for a domain again from the liable server name. It is often, the TTL is place to one or more days. On the contrary, the Time To Live for the domain is for only five minutes. So, a name server may only cache Google’s IP address for five minutes and has then to look up the IP address again.

And on every requested URL, Google’s name server SEO Company is taken in account; it sends back the IP address of only one data center. Thus is the way by which Google queries are directed to different data centers by changing DNS records. And in opposite of this, the DNS records may dependent on the load of the single data centers. And hence Google (SEO Company) would able to perform a form of load balancing on the use of the DNS. In the remotely located server get influenced by the location of a caching name server to how often it receives the single data centers’ IP addresses. This will reduce the distance for data transmissions.

And now one can easily understand how data centers, Google Dance (SEO Company) and DNS are related. When Google Dance performs the counting of new pages along the old page, the data centers denied receiving the new index at that time. Indeed, the new index is moved to from one data center to the other center. When a user queries Google during the Google Dance (SEO Services), he may get the results from a data center which still has the old index at one point in time and from a data center which has the new index a few minutes later. The index update took place within few minutes. But of course, this procedure may reverse, so that Google switches apparently between the old and the new index.

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