SEO Friendly Headlines for Higher Rankings

Term Headline in context of SEO Company friendly content is considered as sentence, phrase, word, or group of words set in large, bold type on a newspaper front page or above a body of text on any page of a newspaper or magazine, or in a printed advertisement. The purpose of a headline is to attract attention and usually to encourage the reading of the following copy. In print advertising, the headline is considered to be the most important element, because it invites the reader into the advertisement. Therefore, it must arouse interest and curiosity about the advertised product or service.
A variety of techniques are used in designing headline copy, such as the offer of a reward, the promise of a product benefit, the asking of a question, or the use of key provocative words such as “new,” “amazing,” or “revolutionary.” split-run research testing of headlines, where the headlines differ but the body text remains the same, has proven that the headline is the key factor in the effectiveness of an advertisement.

Headlines that work magic for a newspaper may fetch zero visitors for online media. Yes, headline fetches and turns a browsing human being into a reader. This is the gateway that makes the viewer make a decision within fraction of a second to enter your page. If your headline is not strong enough you loose the reader forever. There is no easy solution or shortcut to writing better and effective headline. It solely depends on the context, target market, perspective and anything and everything else. Good writers always find their way out to come up with unique solutions. However, you must consider a mentioned below things to write a sensible SEO Company headline for your write up:


Headlines must have keywords that define the content of the page. If you have enough space, use the secondary keywords that compliment the primary key-phrase. It is always a big challenge to make a headline interesting while using dull key-phrases. You can break the continuation of the key phrase but make sure that the words follow the same order. You should also make sure that the words are not far apart from each other.

Brief overview:

The headline must provide a brief overview of page content. This may sound natural when you are using key phrases on the headline but don’t take it for granted.

Set the tone:

The headline must establish the tone of the content. If necessary, use a keyword rich sub-heading to support the headline. Make your headline direct or indirect depending on the subject and it’s treatment in the article. Though a direct headline hits the reader straight, an indirect headline can work miracle. But, be sure that the indirect headline does not fire you back.

Unique starters:

‘How to…’ or ‘Ten easy steps to…’ or ‘…reasons why…’ are some of the time tested and proven methods that sell. People always love to find some simple and easy step by step solution to their problems. This works fine with technical writing, but if you are writing a gossip story, this may not work as an indirect teaser would do.


There is hardly any need to turn your headline into a complete sentence. Unless and until you want to establish some question or exclamation, you can keep your sentence open. In fact an open sentence sells better than a sentence closed with a full stop. Be as brief as possible but make sure that you do not miss the point.

Make sure to plan your article around single or complimentary keywords. This will provide you enough space to concentrate on the topic. Spend some extra time and care to capture the best possible headline for your content and think twice before inserting even a single space.

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