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At the West conference of inaugural search Marketing Expo Seo Company, Yahoo plans to reveal a project with name “Search Monkey”, a set of open-source tools that allow users and publishers to gloss and enhance search results related with specific websites.

This new improvements seo vary from Yahoo’s “Shortcuts” that sometimes emerge at the top of search result pages. These shortcuts are provided by Yahoo at any time the search engine is sure that the shortcut links are more relevant than the other web search results on the page. Frequently, shortcuts emphasize content from Yahoo’s own network of sites.

This new improvements can be used to any web site. And publishers may add extra information that will be viewed with the web search result. As per example, retailers can comprise product information, restaurants can comprise links to menus and reviews, local merchants can show performance address, hours, and phone information, and many related information, URL, and description seo that make up current generation search results.

One can enhance their search by sharing its database of reviews, information of location and pictures with Yahoo in comparison search result than was previously presented to users. Let see how it works: suppose website owners like WebMD, The Times of , webdhoom, and anyone else can deliver their data and Machined counts Ranking helps make sure these results are presented to users at the right time. Users gain because their search results will have more useful seo company information than they did before from websites them faith. And websites gain through increased and higher quality traffic from Yahoo! Search.

For example: suppose anyone can create an application for a web site. Yahoo is collecting the most useful applications into its gallery that you as a searcher can enable for your own Yahoo search results. For example, if you like the app linked which was generated for Linked In that shows a mini-profile of a person, you can comprise that application so that the mini-profiles show whenever you search on a person’s name.

And it is not for users only, publishers seo may also have the facility to display an “add to Y! Applications” button on their sites. This gives the searcher the capability to view enhanced search results, or, opposite of it, when viewing information on a publisher’s site to switch fast to an enhanced Yahoo search result (seo company) for that particular topic, product, and so on.

Yahoo posted code name “search monkey” (SEO ) in homage to smearmonkey, the Firefox connect that allows you to pinch the way web pages appear in your browser. Like Greasemonkey, search engines optimization (SEO) monkey is open source, meaning anyone can use it to enhance any web site. Yahoo plans to encourage the developer community to create a broad set of enhancements for thousands of web sites.

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