About Book Cover designing By Webdhoom

The cover of a book plays an important role in deciding the fate of your work. Within a glance, readers pick an attractive book design from the shelf from a vast pile of books.  A visually appealing book cover is the first statement to its readers and plays a major role in influencing their purchasing decision.

On the contrary, if the cover of your book is not eye catchy, then there are chances that it will not attract the attention of the readers. Similarly, readers will avoid a book whose interiors are unorganized or poorly designed.

Whether it a novel or a textbook or any other general books, our team has the expertise to give an artistic or inspired cover design. We make use of the latest designing software to translate your ideas into creative designs. We have offered customized services for clients of different industries. Our services will offer following benefits to you:

  • You can choose from multiple design variations
  • A dedicated designer will work with you
  • Book cover/book jacket designs will be formatted to meet printing requirements
  • The cover design can be customized for different promotional activities
  • We also take care of file formatting, color consistency, image scrutiny and banding correction

Book Cover Designing

There is a famous phrase which says that “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but that is exactly what people do before buying a book. Hiring a professional book cover designer is one of the important decisions to get your book noticed. In order to have a perfect book designer, you must remember these vital points:

Designer Communicate what exactly the book is about:

You should communicate with a book cover designer and explain the context of your book in detail so that he gets the concepts right. Further, offer the best description and talk about all the important themes, motifs and moods discussed in the book and the general plot.

Discuss your demographic:

You should update your designer with the targeted audience of the book. If you know that no one under the age of 30 will read your book, then ask your designer to focus on a mature audience.

We Focus on original Book design cover:

Show you designer images of other books that have been published under the same category as yours. Ask him to design a unique and fresh cover which has not been used before.

Communicate if your book is part of a series:

If your book is a part of a series, then the cover should show harmony with other books of the same series. A similar element will make the books identifiable with each other.

Convey about the book format:

An e-book, a paperback and a hardcover all have different cover formats. An e-book only requires a front cover, whereas, a hardback has a front cover, a back cover and sides. It is important to tell your designer all of the versions in which your book would be published.