Designers for Professional Book Layout

The layout and design of a book plays an important role in increasing its readership. If you have multiple images, tables, graphs and charts to include, we will make sure that everything is organized accordingly for readers engagement. We give emphasis on typography, aesthetics and visual appeal to ensure a desirable outcome to clients. Our specialized Book layout services are available for different genre of books for ex novels, coffee table books, school books, biographies, story books, cartography books, general books etc.

Book Layout designers:

After an author has finished writing his book, he requires the help of a book designer to finalize the look of his book. An author should communicate clearly the instructions, so that the book designer doesn’t have to struggle while designing the layout of the book. We are listing some useful tips which would be of great help to an author:

Book Rewrite before and not after layout:

Never send your book to a designer until and unless you are sure that it is complete. You should avoid writing anything once the layout person has the book in his possession. The reason is that the programs for layout are not as flexible, as the programs for writing software. Any rewriting at this stage can upset the settings of both the text and photographs. Only minor changes are permitted once the book is laid out. So make sure that you submit your best writings to the designer.

Best Fonts and Good writing:

A good writer never over emphasizes the key words in his book through fonts, italics and bold words. They aren’t considered as a substitute for good writing. If you are unable to communicate with the reader through your good writing, then you won’t be able to succeed with fancy fonts and bold texts.

Books Titles and subtitles by designer

In a fiction work, you may have several chapter titles. You can make it clear in the manuscript where one part ends and the other part starts, with the title at the center of the page and an asterisk between old and new scenes. In a non -fiction work, you can submit a table of contents which includes all the chapter titles and sub-titles, so that it is easier for a book layout designer person to understand in detail.

Professional designed Images:

Make sure that all the images are collected before the start of the book layout. And ensure that you have the necessary permission to use them in your book. Also, ask your layout person the format in which the images need to be submitted and in which resolution.

We have the experience and the skills to make your book visually appealing and accessible for the readers through the use of fonts and type sizes and other layout features.