By the help of Software Development model, developers and programmers get very clear conceptions about the applications what should be built or what should not to be built. This helps to clear all the misconceptions and make all clear idea on the problems that should be solved with a detailed plan could be created following a certain Software Development Life Cycle model. By the help of Software Development Life Cycles model developers could make a program which will answer different problems at the same time. Since every thing will be explained with before moving write a code, the goal of project from the base to the end is determined on paper with some SDLC model and how it could be achieved and implemented on time. Although there is a great possibility of deviation from the plan, a good project manger will take care of that concern.

Application Development

In the Software Development Life Cycle model there will have a clear documentations of development, structure and even coding. If in the project any deviations is needed from the plan, then a project manager or head of the project who is dealing will take care of that issue how it should be handle it with proper step so that there should not be any problems to take the charge of the completion of the project with due date. If any problems found there after once the program is accept for public use, developers will all the time have the documentation to refer to when they require looking for any ambiguity. Testing the applications again and again that will discontinue the implementation for some time, and the other developers appointed will look further thoroughly to the documentations and perform proper maintenance program for running it efficiently will just look at the documentation and perform proper maintenance program of Software Development. This signifies that the life of the SDLC is much more grater than the program as with the help of documentations further improvement or changes is made. Instead of frustrating developers in presumption if something goes wrong, SDLC will make sure everything goes efficiently. It would be a tool for maintenance, making sure the program written will last for a long time.

Other than the longer lifespan of a Web Development Life Cycle modeled program, all written program would serve be used in another program. This capacity to acclimatize to different programs is making sure through proper documentation. Since each step is correctly recognized, some parts could in fact be utilized to make another program. A perfect SDLC software development model will have the proper documentation of every step and every part of the program that there’s an option of utilizing the available structures for another program.

Sandeep Shankar
Sandeep Shankar
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