Many people say that managing an Open Source Software Development (OSS) project is totally diverse than managing a commercial Software Development project. People working on Open Source Software Development argue that deadline are not fixed and quality of the project is to be left for the community of users to identify, and that their are no hurdles of costing and financial plan to manage.

The main concern of open source Software Development project is that OSS follows common project life cycle principal. Are OSS projects passes through the phases of definitions, planning, organizing, executions, and closure? In my opinion it is perhaps not quite as formal, but if you give attention then you will able to recognize that same steps of the development process can be found in al Open source software development projects. The most of the Open Source Software Development projects don’t formally employ an official project manger, however in most projects you will discover someone taking on the role of project manager. A projects needs to proceed to have software development process and the importance of leading a good team.

Producing Open Source Software

Therefore the most important thing by which an unofficial OSS project manager might bring to the successful Open Source Software Development project? The project manager must follow stages making up the common Software Development development process:

On the other hand, following the above software development process cost too less if the project manager whom project is assigned has some what skill set of knowledge of the best leadership involved with him. The aptitude to identify accurate goals, to communicate obviously and to inspire members of the project is vital to the leadership. In the Open Source environment, the inspiration of the team members involves the real confront. The common fiscal incentive plays no part in many open source projects. For most developers working in an Open Source software developmentenvironment, you will perhaps search the following motivators having the largest crash on the project:

  • Achievement
  • Recognition
  • Responsibility
  • Advancement

Project Definition

“Project Definition” resonance very formal, but its significance can’t be too highly stressed. The trouble description influences the whole within your project. At the same time as working on an Open Source Software Development project we may not officially document which we require attain X and Y, but in numerous cases the aims of an OSS project are far clearer in the minds of the OSS project team than which of the commercial Software Development team.
When you think of Open Source projects, formal project planning is not one of the first jobs that spring to mind. Open Source software development projects have a status for a somewhat more ad-hoc advance to planning. Perhaps the Open Source Software Development approach to planning isn’t formal but, considers it or not, it is yet a step which requires to be taken sincerely. The Open Source projects which succeed might not have properly defined project plans, but you can promise which team has an intuitive skill to plan and organize their work.

Sandeep Shankar
Sandeep Shankar
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