Some of the popular software development which is followed during the software development firms: 
A. System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Model 
B. Prototyping Model 
C. Rapid Application Development Model 
D. Component Assembly Model 
A. System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Model
This is also known as Linear Sequential Model Classic Life Cycle Model or Waterfall Method. This model follows some of the following steps: 

1. System/Information Engineering and Modeling

As software is used for a large system or business, the development begins after gathering and analyzing the requirements for all the systems elements and starts to locate with defining in the form of subset of modules of the requirements to software. This system vision is significant when the Software development should interface with other elements like hardware, people and many more required resources. For this system is the basic and very significant require for the survival of software in any entity. Therefore if the system is not in place, the system must be engineered as per the need and place it to full fill the requirement. In many situations to bring out maximum output, the system must be reengineered and elegance. If the system is once engineered ideally then software professional studies the software the need for the system.

2.Accepted Software Development Models

This phase of system development life cycles is also known as feasibility study. In this phase, the software development professional visits the customer and analyze their system. Then they examine the requirements for software development in the specified system. Through the end of the probability study, the team provides a document which grasps the different definite advice for the candidate system. It also comprises the workers assignments, prices, time for the Software development completions of separate modules, a time locked for the deliver and risks of the project and many more. The requirements gathering procedure is exaggerate and focused particularly on software. To recognize the life of the program(s) to be built, the system engineer or “Analyst” must understand the information domain for the software, as well as needed functionality, behavior, performance and interfacing. The necessary reason of this phase is to find the requirements and to describe the issue which requirements to be resolve.

3. System Analysis and Design

In this phase, the software is generally structure and their shades are described. In term of the client/server technology, lots of tiers required to fulfill the need of the project that are project architecture, the database design, the data structure design and client and server side accessibility are all defined in this phase before moving to the development phase of the project. The software development model is therefore build. For any software project analysis and design are too important in the whole development cycle. If a single problem in the design phase can cost a big if it is found after the development and it will take too much time and it will consume lots of time which will cost again a lot. So a due care should be taken in this phase so that there should not cause any problem in the later phase of the development so that the result should be achieved in targeted phase. The logical system of the product is developed in this phase.

4.Software Requirement Analysis

After the completions of the design, then it must be converted into the machine readable language among lot of options available to the programmer. The programmer writes the codes. The code depends on the design, if the design is in a detailed with all single thing is described as per it requirements then it have never problem to write the code as per the design. So the code totally depends on the design of the project. There are lots of tools available for programming purpose like compliers, interpreters, and debuggers etc to generate the code. And as per the need of the software development applications the most appropriate programming language is chosen. 

5. Testing

After the code has been written it should be tested to verify that the code is functioning as it pretended for. Different testing methodologies are available to unravel the bugs that were committed during the previous phases. Testing can be performed with one of the testing tools available with following some methodologies. If you are development Software development companies you can develop own testing tools to test the applications. 

6. Maintenance

The Software development will absolutely endure change once it is delivered to the customer. The changes can occur due to of many reasons. Some times unexpected input values are made into the system and due to this error will occur, which should be handled accordingly. At the time of changes made it could be directly affect the software operations. At the time of writing the code it should be written in such as further changes could be done during the post implementations period.

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