Build An Online Community With Drupal

In regular basis the Revolutions of the Information system is changing the way of the world performing the task and plays, through this progressively more people are moving to the Internet for the information they utilize to make decisions-financial, professional, health etc. Therefore, news website publications which are printed and mailed through the post are being displaced by portal news websites, blogs, and online newsletters.At the time of very beginning of the Internet and its popularity, the large amount of online newsletters were circulated via mass e-mailing to subscribe. And this approach has two important downsides: now which spam compasses the bulk of email messages, internet users and ISPs are performing everything in their power to restrict accessing to their email inboxes. This of course has made it much more complicated for genuine newsletters to reach the entire of their paid subscribers. Secondly, for paid publications which obtain their money from subscriptions and not advertising, e-mailed newsletters can be merely be forwarded to large number of recipients, who in turn can perform the same, up to end. . This may direct to a popular newsletter, but undoubtedly not a profitable one.Providentially, there is a some what much better strategy, and which is the use of a website which keeps the newsletter and also restricts reader access for paying the charges of subscribers. The perfect tool for making like a website is a content management system (CMS), like Drupal, which is what we will be using in this tutorial. Specifically, we will explore how to utilize a forum for organizing the newsletter contents and permitting subscriber feedback, and also how to utilize a Drupal module for controlling subscriber access.

Laying the Foundation

If you want to build a successful online newsletter website with the help of Drupal, is to install Drupal and the entire of its required components on a web server. It is best to select the latest version of the Drupal, which as of this writing is version 6.2. Though, we will be creating use of a module which does not yet.Usually, it would be best to choose the most recent stable version of Drupal that is 6.2. Though, we will be creating use of a module which does not yet have a 6.x version, and as a result we will be utilizing Drupal 5.7, which is quite stable and well tested. 
Initial Theme
The default theme for Drupal version 5.7 is “garland”, which provides clean and simple view, but be liable to be overused through Drupal-based websites whose administrators have not worried to alter the default. Therefore for the sake of variety, we will utilize another built-in theme, “bluemarine”, that is uniformly straightforward.

Sandeep Shankar
Sandeep Shankar
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